Wilderness Cabins for Rent
Located Near Historic Idaho City


  1. Go North from Idaho City, Idaho on Highway 21
  2. About 7.75 miles (after mm 46) you will pass over 8 Mile Creek with a Forest Service sign saying that on the left side of the road
  3. Right after you pass over the creek with a “Mores Creek” sign on the left side of the road, the first driveway on the left with a gate is Mores Creek Cabins. 
  4. Cabin 1 is the first cabin just inside the gate by 8 Mile Creek and has the most cordwood and bottles in the walls. Cabin 2 is up the dirt road inside the gate about 100 yds closest to the well/gazebo area and cabin 3 is another 100 yds or so past cabin 2. Cabin 2 and 3 are accessible by vehicles during the summer but must use snowshoes or snowmobiles at winter seasons. The new wall tent is located just behind the gazebo on the south facing hill. You can see it from the road that takes you from cabin 1 to cabin 2 and 3 just off to the left as your driving up. You can access the wall tent and park next to it via a small dirt road that passes by the gazebo.
  5. When you make a reservation you will be sent a email with the gate and cabin door code. If you do not receive these codes within 48 hrs of your stay please email or call us.
  6. Do not try to come early or stay late without prior approval because others may have asked permission to do so and/or we may still be inspecting/cleaning from last reservations.

Coming South from Lowman, Idaho on Highway 21 after passing over Mores Creek Summit about 6 miles and after mile marker 47 you will see the gate on the right side of the road.