Wilderness Cabins for Rent
Located Near Historic Idaho City

Refund Policy

Sorry folks there is no refunds! Know this before you make the reservations. We used to give the occasional refund due to scheduling conflicts etc.. but everyone has been happy with the cabins and refunds make it too much like a business for us and this is all just for fun. However, we will always reschedule you if something comes up before the 48 hr deadline. Check out all of the pictures, know that they are rustic but clean, hot showers are outdoors in our M.A.S.H style enclosure using a propane Zodi shower during summer season may be available or solar shower bags or heat water in the cabin, if camp toilets with disposable bags are used and must be disposed of by the user in town and the cabin/yurts are 20 foot diameter and close quarters. Cabins are off the grid and battery powered lanterns with no electricity and outhouses must be used. Winter conditions sometimes may mean the property parking lot is hard to access or you may have to shovel the lot to get out. If you come to the property and you cannot get into the lot park on one of the highway pullouts located above and below and walk in.  You may use your cabin shovel to clear the lot enough to drive in. This is not reason for refund.  Five star hotels may be available in town but this is the wilderness…rescheduling a cabin is always possible if done before that 48 hr time period before your reservation so we have a chance to re rent the space. Thank You for your understanding!