Rental Contract

On today, intending to be legally bound hereby, the undersigned agrees and does hereby release from liability and to indemnify and hold harmless Sustainable Properties, its owners, and any of its employees or agents representing or related to the cabins at 8 mile creek, highway 21 Idaho City Idaho hereafter called “the cabins”. This release is for any and all liability for personal injuries (including death) and property losses or damage occasioned by, or in connection with any activity or accommodations for this stay for the guest or any others in their party including children and pets.

The undersigned further agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations promulgated by their stay at the cabins and further agrees to be responsible for any and all damage to said property caused by themselves or others in their party.


  1. Current rental rate is $55/65 per night, per cabin, $85/99 per night Prospector Yurt and $40/ night tipis. Guest agrees that any cleaning or damage fees will be charged to their credit card or other collection means @$55/hr for cleaning plus actual cost for damages or missing items in addition. Guest is responsible for any and all damages and just like any other hotel agree that their credit card can be charged without any further notice although an itemized invoice will be mailed to them. Travel time, fuel, labor, parts…any and all cost be included in final charges.
  2. Check in time is 1pm and check out is 11am, unless other arrangements are made ahead of time. Guest lingering around without prior approval may be charged for that time on site outside their reservations. We have to clean for next guest.
  3. Cabin must be left in better condition than it was found including: floors be swept before leaving, dishes washed in provided black tubs, toilet and area surrounding toilet wiped CLEAN. Any trash found on property is also grounds for their credit card to be charged for additional cleaning charges.
  4. No outside fires without checking for local forest service office on current restrictions. Camp Host for questions.
  5. Lanterns are provided in ea cabin and guest need to bring 8 D sized batteries to insure they have light for the coming night.  Guest may leave batteries in lanterns or in cabins in case next guest forgets. There is two lanterns in ea cabin/wall tent but you will only be told to bring 8 D cell batteries for one lantern. You can bring additional batteries for the second.
  6. There is a water well on site between cabin 1 and 2 and this water is approved for use in showers and is certified potable. Guests may melt snow in ea cabin during winter stays with pot provided for this on woodstove for cooking and shower use or use the well. See shower can operating instructions inside ea cabin bathroom door. To take a how shower you must heat up the water then put it into the pump sprayers inside ea cabin. Not easy but it works.
  7. Guest should bring sleeping bags, food, toiletries and anything else they would need on a regular camping trip. Cabins are basic/rustic and include only sleeping pads in bunks, outhouse, woodstoves, matches and basic cooking supplies. Guest must relock cabins and/or close gate upon ea time they leave the property and lost keys incur a $25 fee and/or a cold night outside the cabin. WE RECOMMEND YOU BRING A ADDITONAL BUNDLE OF WOOD/NIGHT STAYING DURING WINTER CONDTIONS AND MAYBE ANOTHER ONE IN CASE YOU GET STUCK TO KEEP WARM. We recommend you place the key back in lock box as soon as door is open.
  8. Guest are advised to bring one 16oz propane bottle per night of stay if using included dbl propane stove in cabin. for quicker cooking times or use woodstove.
  9. Guest are recommended to drive an “all wheel drive” or 4×4 vehicle while visiting site or for mountain winter driving and weather cancellations are not cause for refunds but we will rebook you when possible.
  10. No illegal drugs allowed on property or smoking in cabins. Smoky cabins will result in cleaning charges. Smoking allowed in designated smoking areas only outside of cabins due to risk of forest fire. Cigarette trash on property will result in deposit forfeiture. EMERGENCY NUMBERS OR QUESTIONS 208-389-4769, 208-284-3905
  11. Visitors agree to not trespass onto neighboring campsites unless they are visiting friends and any visitor using another campsite, cabin, yurt or tipi other than the site they are renting will be charged their original rental fee plus the rental fee and cleaning charge of that additional campsite for doing so. Visitors are not allowed under Any circumstance to walk upon the yurt deck or into the tipis unless they are renting that site and will be charged the maximum fees for doing so because we will have to clean it for the next renter.
  12. Renters can be asked to leave at any time and forfeit their fees for disorderly conduct, abuse of property, trespassing into a unit they have not paid for or any other disruptive, dishonest activities.
  13. See other rules posted on inside of front door of cabin. It is guest responsibility to read all operating instruction sheets, rules sheet and checkout sheets posted inside cabin and be familiar with policies including emailed rules doc.
      Absolutely no fireworks are permitted at any time or fires outside of designated firepits.

You authorize us to charge your credit card up to $500 for damages to cover our cost or insurance deductible in the event of damages, lost items or cleanliness cost occur and are responsible for payment of any cost not covered by insurance in excess of that. If your credit card cannot be charged for that amount you will be billed or sent to collections and are also responsible for any attorney or collection fees.

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