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Also known as cabin 2  this cabin is very attractive and cozy inside. All of our cabins are based upon a 20 foot diameter octagon “Alaskan floating slab” as described in Rob Roys book “Stoneview: How to Build an Eco Friendly Little Guest House” and are easily warmed with included woodstoves and guest must bring their own firewood. This cabin is about a 100 yard hike up a small hill during snow season or can be driven next to during the summertime. All of our cabins have pots, pans, flatware,(THIS CABIN HAS NO MEANS TO SHOWER) camp toilets or outhouses, books, coffee, hot cocoa, teas, sweetners, tables and chairs, full over full bunks and LED lanterns. This cabin the guest must bring 8 D sized batteries for one lantern or 16 Ds for using both LED lanterns inside. Bring a small propane bottle available at any camping store to use the quick heat two burner stove if you do not want to fire up the wood stove. This cabin sleeps 4 adults comfortably and has two cots inside the closet for additional space bringing the total to 6. This cabin is about 100 yards away from cabin 1 and 3 but can still see cabin 3 through the trees for guest camping with friends. Ea cabin contains a few board games and playing cards. See refund policy before booking.

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