Wilderness Cabins for Rent
Located Near Historic Idaho City

Local Attractions!

Hot Springs-
Idaho City’s newest resort The Springs is only a 12 minute drive away and has hot showers, lockers, cafe and poolside service. Make your reservations at thespringsid.com
Kirkham hot springs- drive north from our property over the pass, through Lowman and just pass Lowman on the right side you will see Kirkham. Enjoy basking in a natural settings hot spring in the Payette River.
There are numerous other hot springs. Drive just north past our property, take a left at Lowman towards garden valley/banks and there is a hot springs in the forest service campground on the left. Go south from our property and before you get to Idaho city take the gravel road towards Boise river and there are numerous hot springs in that River also.
Old Idaho City- go back in time and walk the wooden sidewalks in Idaho city, see a gunfight show on main street or a rodeo at the rodeo arena. Dine or have a drink at one of the many establishments. Ice cream and other amenities. There is also a gas station and a couple of grocery stores.
Firewood- stop by the Idaho city hardware store (check their hours) and get a bundle or two.
Hiking- you can have a unimproved rugged hike by following 8 mile creek to its source by starting at the gazebo. this is probably not a family friendly hike and should only be attempted by the adventurous. Go north from the campground on hwy 21 up over the pass and about a mile past the pass there is whoop em up. A great place to snowshoe in the winter or hike in the summer. Just past whoop em up is Edna creek turnoff for hiking and fishing. Just past our camp north entrance about 1k feet you will see summer road and you can drive to there and park and hike all the way into Idaho city (the long way)on forest service dirt roads. Take lots of supplies as its steep and a long trip. You can also go back towards Idaho city for other trails along the road.